Beans is the event of local artists in Kochi Japan which shows the prosperity of Kochi culture by live performances of slow tempo music in every first Sunday at Hirome market. Kochi is the west Japan and is known as a unique city compared to other major cities in Japan. This event is for people who are looking for new down tempo vibe for chilling and every first Sunday, you will discover something new by checking Beans.

 The name of event, Beans, is coming from….Just like how people can eat a bean as itself, people can also enjoy the quality of music of a new local Kochi artist. In this event, our purpose is to turn fresh faces in the music industry into someone who will have a name in the music scene- the same way how bean is being fermented and eventually turned to be a MISO.

Event Director

Takuo Uda




Takuo Uda was born in 1980 at his family business , Uda Miso Factory where it had started business since 1919 in Kochi Japan. When he was young, he has an extensive experienced in the art of Miso  and since 2007, he started training of producing fermenting soybeans.

The April 2011 Fukushima Earthquake strongly influences him to consider how he can be part of his community and he eventually provide organic miso to the food market as he pay attention to the process of fermentation of Aspergillus oryzae. Since then, he was invited as a Miso school instructor and introduce the essence of Miso to the world. At the same time, he is in creating music. His music inspiration and the slow tempo of his songs was influenced by his workplace.